Hey, My name is Fareeda! 👋🏾

I'm sorry to say that your life will probably change forever from this point on. Why? Because I'm the most chaotically unserious person you'll ever meet (and probably wish you never did)

One thing to know: I'm a wild-hearted hopeless romantic🫶🏾

Romance novels are my bread and butter while romcoms are my oxygen; both are vital to my existence and well-being. Human connection is beautiful to witness and one of my deepest appreciations in life that makes my heart sing with joy🥹🫶🏾 Getting to come along for the fun-filled ride that are weddings and being entrusted with its storytelling is wildly fulfilling. Being a people person, I'm in my prime when I'm meeting new people, learning their stories, laughing at their life experiences and smiling as they share their deepest desires with me.  

Some fun facts about me 🤪

• I believe every reality tv casting director is missing out on quality entertainment by not offering me a tv show yet

• I'm extremely musically inclined and can knock your socks off with a beautiful rendition of the Wavin' Flag chorus on my sparkly turquoise recorder

• Community is important to me and I strongly believe there is no shortage of opportunities for us all: so if I'm eating, we're all eating; I'll always have your back and be on the look out for you

• My favourite movies are High School Musical and Red White & Royal Blue. Mention anything about either movie and I WILL launch into a full fledged TedTalk #sorrynotsorry

• Life is short and I want to live it to the fullest so I strive to show up authentically 10000% as myself and doing things that make me happy (which is why you'll usually find me with a big smile on my face!)

• I'm a terrible influence on my bank account: I'm always planning my next trip; my mantra has become book now, figure it out later!

• As playful and fun-loving as I am, I secretly have a big heart and a major cry baby; I care deeply about the ones I love and the shared human experience. Yeah, I'm the one in the movie theatre crying during a Disney movie

• I'm an avid reader and movie goer because if there's one thing about me, Imma be front row at a movie theatre living my best life and being entertained!

• I've been informed that I travel so often that I can't really call them "vacations" anymore 🙄 But when I'm on a trip, my vibe is very much "If I can do it at home, I ain't doing it". I love exploring new adventures and the thrill of the wildest excursions a country has to offer!

• One thing about me: Imma always make a lil jokey joke. Being playful is my true nature and you'll usually find me cracking jokes; even if my life is falling apart🤭🤪

• On my first solo trip, I quickly learned that I should do more research about things that I don't know about...suffice to say that I learnt that hostel and hotel are NOT the same thing. If the price is dirt cheap and states a room has "several beds" then maybe I should question what's going on there

When it's not all fun & games...

I work as a mental health nurse! With a specialization in child psychiatry, I enjoy every moment (even the tough ones), working with vulnerable populations and refining how to effectively communicate and be someone that people find safety in. Connecting with strangers can be difficult and I have made it my life goal to do my best to make people feel comfortable enough to be their authentic self around me and share whatever is in their hearts. Although time on acute floors can be tough, I love being able to give back to the world as both a healthcare and creative professional!🤍

Whew...now that you know so much about me, you're probably curious how this all ties in...

I centre staying true to authentic unscripted moments in my imagery to let all the emotions and memories do the talking. Candids are my jam and being a fly on the wall is how I describe my approach to capturing events. I believe that every couple deserves the gift of looking back at memories that showcase one of the happiest days of their life by someone who is wholeheartedly devoted to making that happen. I welcome ALL of the messy, tear-filled, crazy moments because they’re what makes your day special and a part of the experience 🥹🫶🏾

Weddings are a celebration and boy do I love to party! Encouraging couples to let loose and enjoy themselves while capturing every silly, goofy moment of it is 100000% my vibe. When the party is long over 10, 15, 30 years down the line and life gets challenging, I want you to be able to look back at these moments in time where you didn't hold back in living life to the fullest. I want to bring people together with the shared moments of connection that they can always revisit during all stages of life: in this generation and the next.

I want you to relax in the knowledge that you've connected with someone who you trust with reanimating your love story through authentic imagery that you'll keep coming back to as a reminder of your love🌈🤍

If I haven't scared you away yet with my loud and bold personality, I invite you to get connected so I can learn all about y'all and make some photography magic together on your wedding day🫶🏾

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