About me!

Hi, I'm Fareeda!

Hi, My name is Fareeda!

I used to think that I wasn’t good at art and would never label myself as an artist. But I quickly changed my line of thinking once I was welcomed into the world of photography and digital media in an introductory media arts class. Since then, I‘ve delved into looking at the world from a different perspective where there is no set definition of what an “artist” looks like.

My connection with photography was like love at first sight. There’s just a magical feeling that comes with capturing life in a way that offers a different perspective or a still of time. Capturing those moments and connecting with the people in front of the lens has been a joy I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. My happiness stems from seeing the transition of camera shy clients at the beginning of a session, to them never wanting to stop shooting because they’re having so much fun. I believe that there is beauty in everything life has to offer and I am grateful that people trust me in showing them that.

Surprisingly, despite mediocre drawing skills, I discovered my natural affinity for design. Much like some of us never understand how math just “makes sense” to others, designing and working the Adobe Suite just clicked for me. So much so, my drive for perfection often contributes to me taking my vision and bringing it to life on screen. The power to create meaningful designs that connect with people from scratch never fails to enchant me as it motivates me to critically think about my approach to the visualization of the world.

Of course photography and design aren't all that makes up my life. When I’m not indulging in my creativity, I’m scrolling twitter or watching Rupaul’s Drag Race for the latest tea. I hate to say it, but reality tv is wayyyyy too juicy for its own good and I cant help but follow along for the journey! But fun and games aside, being in my final year of nursing school, I’m excited to help contribute with the destigmatization of mental illness and hope to work in the future with marginalized populations as a Mental Health RN.

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