Too Hot To Handle

My newest obsession that I've somehow zoomed through 3 seasons of.

* SPOILER ALERT* Do no read further if you haven't seen all 3 seasons of the show.

As I'm writing this, I'm on the second last episode of season 3 of Too Hot To Handle and let me tell y'all.......this show is actually MAD. Let me do a quick recap of my thoughts of the 3 seasons.

Season 1:

  • Harry and Francesca were a MESS......rule break after rule break...... they were MESSY messy...
  • Haley.......My momma said if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all🤐
  • Jonathan definitely was one of my favourite characters because he had such a chill vibe
  • Just watching the show, Kelz is an African man and I will not be explaining further  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Top fave people from this season: Chloe, Jonathan, David & Kelz
  • The concept for this show was truly interesting and surprisingly addicting despite a pretty simple concept that seems like it would be too easy to overcome

Season 2:

  • They really tried to recreate Harry and Frankie with Cam and Emma.....ikykyk
  • But ngl, at first I wasn't feeling Cam because of how many rule breaks he had with Emma but I was genuinely invested in his growth by the end
  • Leaving Chase to make the deciding decision of who won......I KNEW who was gonna win solely based on them having their black alliance the whole show🤡
  • One person winning all the money definitely was not what I was expecting at alllllll
  • Melinda and Marvin were a beautiful couple but boy were they TOXIQUE; Melinda purposely trying to make Marvin jealous??? Please babe, you're a grown woman
  • Ok but 22k BLOWN in the first 24hrs????? The way they literally could barely go a day without a rule break was actually CRAZY
  • It makes me really happy that Cam and Em are still together because they definitely had a lot of growth and seemed to genuinely care for each other🥺🤍
  • Top fave people from this season: Cam, Emily & Nathan
  • that mans moved MADDDD. 2 women at once? Yeah no one was expecting that of him fr fr

Season 3:

  • This cast really takes the cake as being the most problematic and messiest cast😭
  • The fact that this cast FLEW through 200k?! Nah they have no regard for anyone at all fr fr
  • Nathan lowkey started out as one of my faves but quickly plummeted bc how do y'all have that many rule breaks??? and blow through like 100k+
  • Harry and Beau are my fave couple!!!! They're so cute and I love how they actually started out friendly and grew into something more and put trust into the retreat process
  • Stevan really surprised me with how he carried himself in the season; he was surprisingly open from the get go and not as problematic as I thought he would be......
  • Top fave people from this season: Harry, Beaux, Obi & Stevan
  • I also really liked Georgia at the beginning but breaking the rules in LITERALLY under 10 mins? Nah that's a special type of reckless
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