Elopement, intimate wedding, micro-wedding; they all mean roughly the same thing.

There's no one size fits all of what a wedding day looks like.

Whether it's an intimate gathering of just close family and friends or eloping with just the two of you, the options for celebrating your love is endless.

If you're on the fence about if a small wedding is for you, let me be the first person in your corner rooting you on. You deserve to have all your dreams brought to life and showered with love on your special day.
Intimate Moments

One of the blessings of small weddings is the room for people to feel more comfortable being vulnerable. Smaller weddings give room for BIG emotions; and I'm right at your side to capture them all.
Stress free, baby!

Let's face it: planning a smaller elopement style wedding comes with less moving parts of the day. I'm all behind couples getting to dedicate their time feeling and being in the moment; with less energy spent making sure you're pleasing everyone involved.
Celebrating You 🤍

At the end of the day, you're the one getting married and too many couples spend the day running around making sure everyone (except themselves) are enjoying the day. Whether it's a smaller guest list, or no guests at all, you get to actually bask in the beauty and happiness of experiencing your wedding day for yourselves.
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