3 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Being able to take good photos is important but make sure you ask your photographer these questions!

When trying to feel out the perfect Wedding Photographer for your special day, it's important to connect with them and ask them a few questions! Often times couples are overwhelmed by all the components of planning a wedding and are focused on typically a few things when it comes to photographers: price, experience, .etc........ But here's a few questions/considerations to think about when picking out your Wedding Photographer.

  1. What's your favourite aspect of being a wedding photographer?

Although there are tons of talking points, it's important for you to get a feeling of the vibe of your photographer and this is a great question to throw in! For many couples, it's their first (and hopefully last!) time planning a wedding and it can be nerve wracking to pick out someone you trust to be responsible for capturing your big day. By having a conversation about what your photographer loves to do, it can give you some insight about their passion. It's also an easy question to help break the ice if you're looking for somewhere to start when connecting with a photographer for the first time.

  1. Can I see a full gallery?

Photographers showcase their portfolios in different ways; some have a portfolio that is a mix from different weddings/events and some show pictures from one event at a time. If you are wanting to get a better idea of how the flow of a day looks, ask for a full gallery! This may come in the form of a blog post that shows highlights from the day all in one place or a link to a previous gallery of the actual event (keep in mind that there will be lots of photos to go through, especially considering a full wedding day can be 300+ photos). Although experience is part of the equation, letting someone's work speak for themselves trumps that. Not every photographer who's been in the business for 10 years produces work that you're looking for, just as someone who is  starting out can capture moments the way that you want yours to be captured.

  1. How would you describe your photography style?

There is a gazillion styles out there and even more combinations! When looking for a photographer, in addition to viewing their portfolio, ask them how they would describe their style! Prior to your wedding you hopefully have an idea of if you prefer posed photos throughout the day, mainly candids, the photographer staging parts of the day, super editorial, light and airy, dark and moody.....ok I'll stop spinning your head; you get the point. Finding photos you like and connecting with a photographer whose style aligns will make your wedding day a breeze! Sometimes couples make the mistake of finding a style they like, connecting with a photographer (sometimes without looking at their work) and feeling disappointed when the photos are edited a different way (ie a couple love darker/moody photos and hire a light & airy photographer). Every photographer has a different approach to how they provide their wedding experience for their clients and the finished product of their photos is one of them. Instead of trying to complicate things by asking a photographer to edit photos different from their style (which most will decline as it isn't a representation of their skill), it's best to go with a photographer who already presents photos in a style you like.

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