3 Reasons to Elope in Ontario

Thinking of eloping in Ontario? Not quite sure if it's the best choice for you? Then check out these top 3 reasons why eloping in the beautiful province of Ontario might be the best thing you ever do!

Elopement, intimate wedding, micro-wedding; they all mean roughly the same thing. There's no one size fits all of what a wedding day looks like. Whether it's an intimate gathering of just close family and friends or eloping with just the two of you: the options for celebrating your love is endless. If you're on the fence about if a small wedding is for you, let me be the first person in your corner rooting you on. You deserve to have all your dreams brought to life and showered with love on your special day.

Top 3 reasons to elope in Ontario:

  1. Intimate Moments

One of the blessings of small weddings is the room for people to feel more comfortable being vulnerable. Smaller weddings give room for BIG emotions; and I'm right at your side to capture them all.

Sometimes with bigger weddings, couples and guests alike are overwhelmed with all the busyness of a wedding day. With timelines, tasks and jam packed activities planned for everyone's enjoyment, sometimes it's hard for everyone, especially the couple, to really sit in the small moments. Although as photographers we're experts at capturing the small moments, eloping gives you the opportunity to focus on just that. So every small and intimate moment turns into the big and important ones as you focus on what truly matters to your core.

  1. Stress free, baby!

Let's face it: planning a smaller elopement style wedding comes with less moving parts of the day. I'm all behind couples getting to dedicate their time feeling and being in the moment; with less energy spent making sure you're pleasing everyone involved.

Many couples find stress synonymous with wedding planning and that shouldn't be the case! A little bit of stress is a healthy thrill when there's excitement behind it, but you shouldn't start to feel increasingly anxious and overwhelmed about planning to declare your love. For some, having a bigger guest list and a bigger venue brings them joy in knowing they are surrounded by everyone they love and cherish; but for others, it can be a tad overwhelming and draining. Sometimes shrinking the guest list to the most important people (even if it's just witnesses, an officiant and your photographer!) is what will give you peace of mind to fully be content in how your new chapter of your love story begins. There's no 'right' way to get married, but doing what makes you feel at peace when it comes to your union is what should be #1.

  1. Celebrating You 🤍

At the end of the day, you're the one getting married and too many couples spend the day running around making sure everyone (except themselves) are enjoying the day. Whether it's a smaller guest list, or no guests at all, you get to actually bask in the beauty and happiness of experiencing your wedding day for yourselves.

My advice to couples is to put yourself first! Your wedding day is one of the few days in your life that you get to be selfish and have things exactly the way you want it without fault. You deserve to experience the day how you want to without holding back or any compromises. Eloping offering the opportunity to strip away the fluff of the big "party" and bask in the simplicity of enjoying each moment with your life partner. There's beauty in the most mundane of moments and taking the time to slow the day down and truly allow yourself to flow with the events of the day is an experience like no other.

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